Need help?

Officer on a bridge call
When trouble strikes, Nautilus is there for you – wherever you may be. The Union has an extensive range of specialist services to help members experiencing employment-related problems. If you’re a Nautilus member, here’s how to get in touch when you need us.

During local office hours, call Nautilus:

  • Head office: +44 (0)20 8989 6677
  • UK northern office: +44 (0)151 639 8454
  • Netherlands office: +31 (0)10 477 1188
  • Switzerland office: +41 (0)61 262 24 24
  • Singapore office: +65 (0)625 61933
  • France office for yacht sector members: +33 (0)962 616 140
  • Spain office for yacht sector members: +34 971 677 735

There's more information on the Contact us page. Members: to find the name of the Union official who deals with your company, visit the Support at work page in the Members area.

Out of office hours, contact Nautilus 24/7

This advice service is available to Nautilus members 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Find out how to contact Nautilus 247, wherever you are in the world.

Accidents at sea

If you have had an accident or incident at sea you are strongly advised to contact the Union before making any statements to the authorities.

You can either contact the relevant office listed above, call the Nautilus 247 line or contact a registered lawyer in the country of your accident. For details of the Union’s approved lawyers around the world, see the Worldwide lawyers directory. Members can also download a handy app with a ‘find a lawyer’ tool displaying a directory of international lawyers the Union has agreements with. The SRI app is provided by Provided by Seafarers’ Rights International. Members will need their membership number to hand for all communications with the lawyers.

Bullying and harassment 

Resources to help you tackle bullying in the maritime industry can be found on our Campaigns pages. If you need further help or support, don’t let things go beyond your control — contact Nautilus by telephone or via our dedicated email address: [email protected]. Women members can contact another female if they prefer by emailing [email protected], and trainee officers and other young members can also email [email protected].

Problems with your employer

Need advice on grievances and disciplinary issues, employment rights or representation in tribunals? Contact the Union’s Industrial Organising department – [email protected] - or the official for your company.

Personal injury claims

If you have suffered an injury at work or believe you are at risk from an industrial-related disease (such as asbestos-related conditions or hearing damage), submit an accident form or email [email protected].

If you are related to a member who has died in a work-related accident, contact our legal department via telephone or email.

Legal problems

Nautilus Legal gives you and your immediate family access to a wide range of legal services provided by specialist lawyers for non-work-related problems, such as family law, wills, clinical negligence, conveyancing and insolvency. Log in to the Members area for details.


Having problems with your Nautilus membership? Need to change your membership details?  Contact [email protected] or log in to the Members area

Non-members can subscribe to the Telegraph in the What we say section.

Professional guidance

Need advice on issues such as training and certification? Contact the Union’s professional and technical department – [email protected].

Women and young members

Shipping is still a male-dominated industry, so Nautilus offers a female point of contact for women members – contact [email protected].

The Union can also give expert advice to members starting out on their careers – contact [email protected].

Welfare queries

The Nautilus Welfare Fund is a UK-registered charity administered by Nautilus International, offering a range of specialist services to retired seafarers and their dependants, along with regular and one-off grants to those in need. Contact [email protected] or see

Serving members can request a ship visit at the Port of Rotterdam by contacting [email protected].