Recognition at Allseas

Nautilus International is working with the International Transport Workers’ Federation to get union recognition at Swiss-based Allseas Group.

What this campaign is about

The Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC), adopted by Switzerland in 2011, demands that workers be permitted to organise – but Swiss-based Allseas Group won’t recognise unions or discuss its compliance with the MLC.

The MLC outlines regulations which include freedom of association and particularly the freedom to join a union. As this is a legally enforceable international convention, Allseas must ensure it is MLC compliant.

Nautilus believes this disregard for union rights is unacceptable, and that companies based in Switzerland should not just be situated there for tax benefits but also accept the other duties and responsibilities of the state.

What we want to achieve

Nautilus International has joined unions from around the world to call on Allseas – an offshore pipeline installation and subsea construction company – to comply with Maritime Labour Convention requirements to recognise the union rights of its 2,300 workers.

Workers for the company used to be covered by a collective bargaining agreement with the FWZ union in the Netherlands (a Nautilus predecessor), but this ran out almost 15 years ago.

What have we achieved so far

In September 2013, unions protested outside the Allseas head office in Châtel-St-Denis. They handed a letter to management calling on the company to review its compliance with the MLC and open discussions with relevant unions.

What’s next

The ITF and Nautilus continue to call on Allseas to enter into dialogue with them and other relevant unions.

For more information about the demands for union recognition at Allseas please visit the ITF website.

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