Britain needs a pay rise

The UK is slowly recovering from the financial crisis and recession which began in 2008. Nautilus International is backing a campaign by the TUC (the federation of British trade unions) to get government and employers to ensure that the recovery continues by bringing wages back in line with the increased cost of living.

What this campaign is about

Getting money back into people’s pockets is essential to securing a strong recovery. Sustainable economic growth depends on fairer pay for ordinary workers and smaller bonuses for the super rich.

What we want to achieve

With people facing the biggest squeeze on their incomes since Victorian times, and official figures showing that wages have fallen in real terms every year since 2010, the TUC believes that as growth returns to the UK economy, everyone should get to share in the recovery.

The TUC is calling for:

  • a properly enforced statutory minimum wage
  • higher statutory minimum wages for employers who can afford to pay more
  • increased commitment to the living wage
  • a crackdown on excessive executive pay

What have we achieved so far

The TUC meets regularly with government to ensure that targets for reducing unemployment and increasing pay are being met. Visit the TUC website to find out the latest on this campaign.

In autumn 2014 Nautilus members took part in a mass demonstration organised by the TUC under the banner of Britain Needs a Pay Rise. It took place on Saturday 18 October 2014, and began with a march through central London, culminating in a rally in Hyde Park.

What’s next

If you would like to join fellow Nautilus members on future campaign marches, please contact

The TUC has a number of other ways in which UK union members can get involved in the campaign. Visit the Britain Needs a Pay Rise site to find out how you can get involved today.

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