Ad hoc union events

Nautilus NL Council and members get to grips with  MLC training course
As well as its regular courses such as lay representatives’ training, the Union provides other training, dependent on interest, to keep members up to date on the latest maritime regulations and industry issues.

Courses are organised subject to interest and will be advertised on this website and in the Nautilus Telegraph when the dates are set. If no new courses are currently planned, you can register your interest or ask the Union to consider running a course by contacting [email protected], or calling +44 (0)151 639 8454. 

MLC seminar 2017

Keep up to date with with the amendments to the MLC that will enter into force in January 2017, as well as proposed future amendments to the convention that could come into force as early as 2018. 

DATE: 23 March 2017

TIME: 09:30-17:00

PLACE: Quorn Grange Hotel, 88 Wood Lane, Quorn, Leicestershire, LE12 8DB, UK

CONTACT: Lee  Moon; tel +44 (0)151 639 8454; email [email protected]

The course fee is the equivalent of 12 months subscription at the full officer rate. Members can attend for free - travel and accommodation are at their own cost.

Non-members can either pay the course fee, or they can join the Union for one year and attend as an additional benefit of their membership. 

Palma Boat Show 2017

Large yacht crew attending the Palma Superyacht Show, are invited to meet Nautilus strategic organisers Danny McGowan and Lee Moon who will be dock-walking during the event.

DATE: 27 - 29 April 2017

PLACE: Palma de Mallorca

Palma Superyacht Show 2015

CONTACT: If you will be in Palma on 27/28/29 April, and would like to meet with a representative from Nautilus, please email [email protected].  During the show keep an eye out for the Nautilus logo being sported by Mr McGowan and Mr Moon.

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