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Ronnie Cunningham speaking at a Nautilus pensions meeting
Nautilus Pensions Association meetings provide a focal point for members regarding UK pension matters and serve as a channel for information and advice on all kinds of pensions, as well as offering specific information on legal and government developments on pensions.

Find out more about UK seafarer pension schemes in the What we do section.

There are some major developments affecting pensions at present, and Nautilus and the Merchant Navy Officers’ Pension Fund are holding a series of UK-wide forums, from 2015-2018, to enable members to get the latest news and to ‘meet the experts’.

Upcoming MNOPF and NPA pension forums

Members who would like to attend any event must register via the MNOPF website, by following the link to their online registration system which will be available for each relevant date.

Members of the MNOPF Trustee Board and executive team will be present and they will be joined by Nautilus officials. 

Tea and coffee will be served before each meeting, and afterwards there will be a light buffet lunch and an opportunity to meet the pension representatives. 

DATE: 09 May 2018

PLACE: Cardiff

CONTACT: Members wishing to attend should keep an eye on the MNOPF member forum website (details of the forum will be posted on the MNOPF member forums website page when available), or call +44 (0)1293 804644.

Open to all members (UK, NL and CH). Future Telegraphs will also have venue details.



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