Upcoming General and Branch meetings

Nautilus International’s members are at the heart of the Union’s governance and administration.
Members are encouraged to help set the Union’s priorities by attending Branch Conferences and General Meetings.

UK Branch Conference 2017

The sixth Nautilus International UK Branch Conference encompassed the UK national committee meeting, and the Union's forum meetings from 2-3 October 2017 in Hull.
Members had until 1 September 2017 to submit motions to the conference. Motions must be in writing, signed by at least four full members whose contributions have been paid up.

General Meetings

DATE: 2019 (a General Meeting is held every four years)

The General Meeting 2015 event was held 5-7 October in Liverpool. Formal notification of each GM appears in the Telegraph, along with full details of how to participate. For GM2015 reports download the November 2015 Telegraph.

Find out more about how Branch Conferences and General Meetings feed into the democracy of the Union in the Who we are section.