Don’t miss the deadline to have your say on ‘robo’ vessels

Autonmous ships vision Rolls-Royce

Are you worried about the impact of ‘smart’ ships? With companies like Rolls-Royce confidently predicting that autonomous vessels will be in service within a few years, Nautilus is seeking your views on developments.

Trials of a North Sea support vessel remotely controlled from Canada have recently taken place and the Union is holding a special seminar on the subject at its UK branch conference in October. 

The 18 unions belonging to the Nautilus Federation — representing almost 85,000 maritime professionals around the world — have agreed a policy to address the many challenges and opportunities that technological advances present to members and are working together to ensure that the voice of seafarers is heard as the debate over automation in shipping intensifies.

To take this work forward, Nautilus wants to get members’ views about automation — good or bad? A threat or an opportunity? Please spare a few minutes to share your views and experience with us before the deadline of 22 September 2017.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

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