General Lighthouse Authorities launch navaids survey

chart and binoculars

Nautilus members are being invited to take part in a new online survey which may help to shape future provision of aids to navigation around the British Isles.

The survey, which runs until 4 May, has been launched by the General Lighthouse Authorities (GLAs) — Trinity House, the Northern Lighthouse Board and Irish Lights — and is being carried out by PA Consulting.

The GLAs are seeking users’ experiences of a wide range of navigational aids — including buoys, lighthouses, and differential GPS  around the British Isles. The aim is to help the authorities understand how their systems are perceived and where they need to concentrate investment in making improvements in the future.

The survey poses covers 19 different systems, including GNSS, VTS, radar, ECDIS, AIS (virtual and AtoN), DGNSS, radio beacons, racons, radar reflectors, and astro-navigation. It also covers dead reckoning and paper charts, lighthouses, beacons, floating aids, buoys and day marks.

The surveys asks how frequently seafarers use the various aids and services, the reasons for using it, and the perceived accuracy, reliability and trust they place in that system.

The survey takes about 45 minutes to complete. Any questions should be addressed to Michael Fairbanks at PA Consulting, either by email: [email protected] or by telephone +44 7767 608 307.

Friday, April 14, 2017