IMO convention facilitating world trade to cut red tape for seafarers

IMO FAL Convention 41st meeting in April 2017

Nautilus has welcomed progress in the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) talks on a little-known convention for integrating maritime and logistics sectors which will ultimately help cut bureaucracy for seafarers.

The Facilitation Convention (FAL) is important to Nautilus members because it contains rules for maritime transport — including customs formalities, provisions on shore leave, and the treatment of seafarers and passengers whilst the ship is in port.

In April the IMO FAL committee met to discuss the way forward for IMO’s planned maritime ‘single window’ concept, that will enable all the information required by public authorities in connection with the arrival, stay and departure of ships, persons and cargo to be submitted via a single portal without duplication.

In 2016, the Committee adopted a revised annex to the Convention, which included the ‘single window’ approach, as well as mandatory requirements for the electronic exchange of information on cargo, crew and passengers.

Senior national secretary Allan Graveson said: ‘The little known FAL Convention is arguably one of the most important international instruments to facilitate world trade. Nautilus has sought to ensure alignment of text to other conventions so that seafarers are not discriminated against. This Convention will take on greater importance in a new technological age with complex trade agreements.’

The FAL Convention’s aims also have resonance with the IMO’s World Maritime Day on 28 September 2017 — which has the theme of ‘connecting ships, ports and people’.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017