Large yacht crew urged to have Nautilus membership to avoid SRB delays with MCA

Nautilus yachting members are entitled to a free SRB

A Nautilus service record book (SRB) has become even more vital for seafarers employed in the large yacht sector, as the UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) has now formalised procedures for sea service verification — which recognises the Union’s SRB.

In a new Marine Information Note (MIN 543) on large yachts, the MCA says crew who fail to have their sea service verified by one of its recognised delegated authorities, such as the Union, will face severe processing delays – up to 160 days.

The MCA announced the changes informally at the Monaco Yacht Show in October 2016, and they will take effect in May 2017, but MIN 543 formalises those procedures.

Crew working on large yachts and those wishing to register for a notice of eligibility (NOE) for a certificate of competency (or its renewal) are strongly encouraged to hold a MCA-recognised SRB, such as the one provided by Nautilus International which is free to all full members. The SRB assists with the recording and calculation of qualifying sea service for the purpose of certification and is accepted by the MCA as sufficient proof of service. Full membership of Nautilus includes sea service verification and a copy of the Nautilus SRB which is administered from the Union’s Antibes office in partnership with D&B Services.

Non-members can now take advantage of this service by becoming a Yacht Friend of Nautilus for a flat fee of €95 for 12 months. This includes unlimited verification of sea service testimonials (SSTs) within a 12 month period, whether staff have worked as yacht crew on one vessel or multiple vessels in that time, with no late submission fees or additional charges.

Yacht Friends of Nautilus will also receive a copy of the Nautilus SRB, access to the members’ section of the Nautilus website, and access to the Nautilus Plus discount scheme. 

Superyachts flying Red Ensigns flags in Palma de Majorca, Spain Our yacht membership has benefits for sea service verification.

Nautilus strategic organiser Danny McGowan said: ‘We are delighted that the MCA continues to recognise and endorse the Union’s sea service verification process in our free, industry-leading service record book.  We’ve verified sea service for our full members for some time, and now we welcome the opportunity to provide a service record book and sea service verification for non-members — those that become Yacht Friends of Nautilus. We will always encourage people to become a full member of the Union as our protections and benefits are unmatched by any other association, but the “friends” option is there for those that only want high-quality verification of their testimonials at a low cost.

‘The MCA’s trust in Nautilus to verify sea service on their behalf is testament to the quality of everything we do for seafarers in the large yacht industry, and it’s important for all of our current members to tell their colleagues about the necessity of Nautilus membership.’

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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