Nautilus launches maritime animation

Nautilus animation

Nautilus has launched an online animation designed to demonstrate how much the UK relies on shipping and seafarers, including for 95% per cent of everything, from clothes to food and fuel, brought into the country by sea.

Through the use of a storyboard-style animation, the three minute online video highlights that without shipping the import and export of affordable food and goods would not be possible. It also explains the wide range of jobs that Nautilus International’s 22,000 members undertake at sea.

The video follows the launch — at last month’s UK branch meeting — of a 10-point charter calling on the UK government and maritime industry to secure the UK’s maritime future by delivering decent work and training opportunities for British seafarers.

General secretary Mark Dickinson, said: ‘Seafarers bring us 95% of everything including what we consume, use and wear — not to mention those reliant on ferry services or going on cruise holidays. But because their work takes place beyond the horizon away from view, it’s easily forgotten just how much we rely on them.

‘Our new animated video aims to remind people of what British mariners do and how those who go to sea for work still play a vital role for the UK as an island nation.’

It is hoped the animation, part of the Union’s Jobs, Skills and the Future campaign, will go viral, helping the Union to improve public awareness of the sector and ultimately to help it achieve the campaigns aims of securing a better future for UK seafarers.


Wednesday, November 16, 2016