Nautilus remembers yacht crew members on Workers' Memorial Day

Yacht view Palma de Majorca, Spain

On Workers’ Memorial Day (WMD) Nautilus is remembering members it supports in traumatic events, such as those who were involved in an incident off the coast of Thailand just over a year ago in which a superyacht crew member died. 

The officer died from injuries sustained when he was caught up in an anchor chain while the 140m yacht Ocean Victory was weighing anchor off Koh Tachai in the Similan Islands archipelago. The Union is continuing to support members who were involved in the traumatic incident and throughout the subsequent inquiries. It is urging the yacht’s flag state, the Cayman Islands, to publish a full and thorough investigation report on the accident, together with recommendations to prevent a similar incident in future. 

WMD is supported by the International Transport Workers’ Union (ITF) and its affiliates. ITF president Paddy Crumlin said: ‘This is the day we remember all those, known and unknown, friends and strangers, who have suffered injury or death in the workplace. It’s the day we remember the dead and fight for the living. 

‘But remembering is not enough. Workplace deaths are preventable deaths. We have a duty as trade unionists and as human beings to fight back against what amounts to a continuing slaughter. We must enshrine health and safety at work and ensure that employers treasure it too. We have to live and breathe it, and make sure everyone else does too. It must be supported, paid for and promoted until every workplace is a safe place.’ 

ITF general secretary Steve Cotton added: ‘Worldwide, transport workers labour in some of the most dangerous environments there are: on sea, on land and in the air. Often isolated, sometime facing violence and the threat of violence. Our unions are working together to minimise those risks, share knowledge and strategies, and build safe workplaces. On Workers’ Memorial Day we take a moment to remember the lost, before returning to the struggle to build a better future.’

Friday, April 28, 2017