Nautilus website wins award

Nautilus website wins commendation in Maritime Foundation Awards

Nautilus International has picked up a commendation for its new website in the 2015 Maritime Media Awards which honour outstanding contributions from journalists, writers and filmmakers whose work deepens understanding of Britain’s dependence on the sea.

Presenting the certificate of merit for the First Sea Lord’s Digital Media Award, broadcaster Martin Muncaster paid tribute to the ‘impressive relaunch of the Nautilus International website, which is well designed and easy to use, offering clear and concise information to the maritime community throughout the world’.

He said the range of material and the way it is displayed ‘makes this a leading multilingual website for all working within the maritime sector’.

Debbie Cavaldoro, head of strategic campaigning, received the award – remarking on the teamwork which had helped to overcome the ‘technological nightmare’ of dealing with the complexities of website design and construction.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Maritime Media Awards, held annually in memory of former Daily Telegraph naval correspondent Desmond Wettern. Other award winners included former Merchant Navy officer Professor Alistair Couper, who was presented with the Maritime Fellowship Award to honour his outstanding contribution to stimulating public engagement in maritime issues. After serving at sea, he became a prominent academic and writer, heading the Department of Maritime Studies and International Transport at the University of Cardiff, Wales, and serving as director of the Seafarers International Research Centre.

Friday, November 13, 2015