Union joins LGBT 2017 march

Pride 2017

More than 20 Nautilus members and staff joined the Union on the annual LGBT Pride parade in London on Saturday 8 July 2017.

Nautilus strategic organiser Danny McGowan said the Union had taken part in the event for the second year in a row, building on the motion on equality and diversity tabled by members of the Young Maritime Professionals Forum at the 2015 General Meeting.

‘The motion on the topic of equality and diversity originated from members who regularly attend the Young Maritime Professionals forum, so this was a great opportunity for volunteers to continue to show their support,’ he said. ‘Those seafarers attending who were permitted to wear their Merchant Navy uniform were encouraged to do so, to show others that a seafaring career is open to everybody.’

Mr McGowan said that security at the event meant members had to apply for wristbands from the Union by 5 July, in order to be able to enter the parade from its start point. 

Friday, July 07, 2017