Young workers’ month celebrated by Nautilus members

TUC young workers month video clip image.

Young maritime professionals across the Union are being invited to send in videos to highlight their life at sea in support of the TUC’s young workers’ month 2017. 

Some members of the Young Maritime Professionals (YMP) Forum have already submitted some short smartphone video examples.

Young Workers' Month - Samantha's story

As the maritime industry often goes unreported, with shipping happening away from most day-to-day life, members working at sea and ashore are encouraged to take part in this action to spread the word about the vital work that seafarers and other maritime professionals do. The best video sent in by a Nautilus member will receive a prize of a tablet computer/e-reader, so think of an interesting (but safe) background for your video too.

Other young members can follow the lead of the YMP members by uploading their videos to the private YMP group which is also being formally launched on Facebook during November.

Young Workers' Month - Ross's story

Nautilus members aged 35 and under can join the new Facebook group for Young Maritime Professionals - which aims to help them get in touch with each other to share experiences and communicate with each other about how the world of work affects members of all ranks.

Danny McGowan, strategic organiser and secretary to the Nautilus Young Maritime Professionals forum, said: ‘With the majority of our members away at sea for long periods of time and often unable to participate in traditional union actions like Young Workers' Month, this opportunity to take part and explain their roles to other young workers is really important. Over 30% of Nautilus members are aged 35 and under, so we hope to see additional videos sent in to us in the coming weeks, and we also hope to see our members take the opportunity to engage with each other in our dedicated Facebook group.’ 

Young Workers' Month - Danny's story

How to take part

To take part in the video competition, first join the Facebook Young Maritime Professionals group before the competition ends on 30 November. Once you are approved to join the group, you can then either upload your video direct to the page, or you can send in your video via email to Remember to use the hashtag #YWM17 when you post to the group. 





Thursday, November 09, 2017