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Nautilus is out there working for members, day in, day out - visiting ships, negotiating with management and speaking up for seafarers with governments and international regulators. We've commissioned a series of short films and an animation so you can watch Nautilus in action across the full spectrum of our work: look out for the video clips around our multimedia website or watch the full set right here.

Securing Britain's status as a global maritime leader

Nautilus created the second in a series of animations, highlighting the importance of the British shipping industry and seafarers.

Three shorter video clips are also available below showing in bite-size chunks what made Britain punch above its weight when it came to its maritime capabilities, why the government and industry now need to protect this prestige and finally, our call to secure the nation’s seafaring future.

Nautilus short episode 1: Britain’s long and proud history as a maritime nation

Nautilus shorter video (1:21) giving context to Britain’s extensive maritime history which paved the way for the global commerce that we all take for granted today. But today, despite being more important than ever, the UK’s maritime power is in steep decline.

Nautilus short episode 2: Protecting the industry before seafaring skills are lost

Nautilus shorter video (1:11) explaining how we’re campaigning the government and industry to deliver decent work and training opportunities now, before the nation’s maritime skills and fleet are lost forever.

Nautilus short episode 3: Securing the UK as a seafaring leader and safeguarding the future

Nautilus shorter video (0:41) explaining our call to safeguard the future of the maritime sector, our SOS to the industry!

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What have seafarers ever done for us?

Nautilus has created this video animation overview of the Union and its work with seafarers who deliver 95% of everything we eat, use and consume.

Three shorter videos clips are also available below that explore in bite-sized chunks what shipping does for us, the Union and its members, and what the future looks like for jobs, skills and the future.

Nautilus short episode 1: What shipping does for us

Nautilus shorter video (1:31) explaining how seafarers deliver 95% of everything. Imagine your life with only 5% of everything...

Nautilus short episode 2: Nautilus and its members

Find out in this 43 second video how Nautilus and its members work around the globe.

Nautilus short episode 3: Jobs, skills and the future

Nautilus shorter video exploring in 52 seconds what the future of seafarers looks like and how can we all work together support them.

Wherever you are, so are we

Nautilus video covering who we are. You can find out more about who we are, on our Join us page, or use the Joining form to sign up straight away!

Working with you

Nautilus video covering how we protect our members. Find out more about how We protect members in the workplace with a range of specialist services and support, financial certificate protection, and a world wide legal service.

Looking out for you 

Nautilus video covering how we look after the welfare of our members. Find out more about how We care for members and their dependants in need, on their retirement, and through grants. The film is dedicated to the memory of Captain Gerry Rolph, a seafarer, trade unionist and latterly a resident of Mariners’ Park who passed away in January 2015, and who features in the video. 

The full story

This longer compilation video explains What we do for members, and how we ensure the seafarer’s voice is heard by national and international governments, and within international maritime policy-making organisations.

Get active in Nautilus International

Nautilus video filmed during the General Meeting 2015. It features interviews with Council members, lay reps and General Meeting attendees. They’ll tell you their stories of becoming active in Nautilus and why you should too!

Jobs, Skills, the Future

Nautilus video featuring the 2015 General Meeting’s main motion — Jobs, Skills and the Future. Council vice chair Wilco Van Hoboken explains why this theme is central to the work the Union does and general secretary Mark Dickinson explains what it means for the Union’s work over the next four years.

General Meeting 2015

Nautilus video giving a short hop around the 2015 General Meeting. It’s not all debates and motions — there are dinners, drinks, dancing and meeting up with friends old and new! 

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