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Nautilus uses surveys as a research tool to inform campaigns and Union policy, contribute to our work with other industry bodies, produce guidance, and ensure that we are meeting the needs of members.

The Union also supports surveys run by individual members and external organisations, where their results may impact on our members or contribute to good practice in the wider industry. To speak to Nautilus about collaborating on a survey, please contact the communications department at [email protected].

The outcomes from recent Union surveys can be found in the publications section of the website. Any surveys currently running are listed below. 

Nautilus diversity survey

The survey, launched at the UK October 2016 branch conference, is a result of a motion to the Union’ General Meeting in October last year. It asks members whether they have suffered any bullying or harassment as a consequence of a diversity issue and whether the Union could do more to support them.

ITF Seafarers Trust 

  • Have your say on shore leave welfare services by taking part in a survey by the ITF Seafarers' Trust.

The views of seafarers are sought to develop strategies to improve services offered at port-based welfare centres.

UCLAN research

Seafarers are being asked to fill in a questionnaire and help the University of Central Lancashire’s Law School — which is conducting research into whether corporate manslaughter legislation could be used to enforce better compliance with the International Safety Management (ISM) Code.

Crew communications

persuading shipping to give internet access to all seafarers is the aim of the Crew Communications strategic campaign

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