Nautilus International’s members are at the heart of the Union’s governance and administration. This page explains how the system works, and should be read in conjunction with the Participation and Secretariat pages.

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The Council

The Council is composed of 32 serving maritime and inland waterways professionals, and the general secretary, each elected to serve a four-year term. It is the governing body responsible for overseeing the administration of the Union and progressing policy decisions made at the General Meeting, and meets four times a year. The Council is also the Trustee of the Nautilus Welfare Fund, a registered charity administered by the Union.

The membership of the Council is designed to reflect the Nautilus membership base, with representatives drawn from the different member nations and from different employment backgrounds within the maritime and inland navigation sectors.

There is more on the election process on the Participation page, and this website also has results of recent elections and a list of current members of the Council.

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Committees of the Council

The Council committees focus on implementing particular areas of Union policy. Committee members must be elected members of Council, except in the case of the Nautilus Welfare Fund Committee, which additionally draws upon members from industry and retired seafarers.

National committees

The national committees are responsible for implementing policy decisions made through a vote of members at national Branch Conferences and have delegated authority to deal with policy issues relevant to the specific country. Each national committee represents one of the constituent nations of Nautilus International.

Other committees

The other Council committees are the Executive Committee, Establishments Committee, Resolutions Committee, Professional & Technical Committee and Nautilus Welfare Fund Committee. The role of these committees is described on the Council committees page.

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Nautilus forums

In the Nautilus International governance structure, there is provision for specialist forums of Nautilus members to advise the Council on particular areas of its work. Forums can be attended by any full member of the Union. At present, there is the Professional & Technical Forum, the Women’s Forum, the Young Maritime Professionals Forum and the National Pensions Association. There is more about these groups on the Nautilus forums page.

Trustee directors

The assets of the Union must by law be held by a trustee, and in the case of Nautilus International this trustee is a corporate body: Nautilus Trustee Ltd. There are four trustee directors, appointed periodically by the Council. They bring a mix of specialist expertise but are not members of the Union. A list of current trustee directors is available on this website. 

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