Council committees

The Council of Nautilus International delegates some of its governance work to specialist committees, whose members must also be elected members of the Council (except in the case of the Nautilus Welfare Fund Committee, which draws some of its members from industry and from retired members). This page gives details of these committees and their roles.

Executive Committee

The committee was re-established by the Council in May 2002 under the terms of Rule 12.1 and has delegated to it all of the powers of the Council between meetings of the Council. This permits urgent actions to be approved if, for example, a meeting of the Council was inquorate.

Establishments Committee

The committee is constituted of 10 nominated Council members, plus the Council chair, vice-chair and deputy vice-chair, and the general secretary – a total of 14 members. The trustee directors are also invited to attend and speak in an advisory capacity. The committee normally meets up to four times per year.

The Council delegates decision-making responsibility to the committee for a range of items including investment management, management accounts and contract conditions, and the committee will also make recommendations to the Council for endorsement. It may also make recommendations in respect of the other items if appropriate. The Council may refer other issues to the committee as it sees fit.

Resolutions Committee

The committee consists of 12 nominated members of the Council. Its role is to monitor the implementation of resolutions adopted at the General Meeting or Branch Conferences referred by the National Committee, to ensure the secretariat is putting members’ wishes into practice.

Professional & Technical Committee

The committee consists of 12 nominated members of Council. It oversees all professional and technical activities of the Union and makes reports and recommendations to the Council.

The committee can establish sub-committees to advise it on special areas of its responsibility, and can co-opt technical experts who are not on the Council onto these sub-committees, subject to certain conditions.

The Professional & Technical Committee is also responsible for examining the effect of the Council’s policy on cadet and unemployed members.

NB: The Professional & Technical Committee is an entirely separate body from the Nautilus Professional & Technical Forum.

Nautilus Welfare Fund Committee

The Council is the managing trustee of the Nautilus Welfare Fund, although it delegates the day-to-day operations to the Nautilus Welfare Fund Committee, which normally meets at Mariners’ Park in Wallasey.

The Nautilus Welfare Fund Committee consists of not more than 15 members plus a director of the Trustee Company. The Committee is required to have a mix of retired and serving seafarers, and representation from the Council.

There is more information about the Nautilus Welfare Fund Committee and all the Fund's activities on the Nautilus Welfare Fund website.