Council elections 2017

Voting GM 2015
Nautilus International members have exercised their right to vote in 2017's important elections the Union’s governing body, the Council.

The results of the Nautilus International Council elections 2017 have been confirmed by the Electoral Reform Services, the official scrutineer.

Many members are concerned about the challenges ahead in our industry and have ideas for helping Nautilus International to meet those challenges. Members were therefore encouraged to stand for election to the Council, which is the Union’s governing body.

The Council is also the Trustee of the Nautilus Welfare Fund, which is the registered charity administered by Nautilus.

Council meeting June 2014

The Council is made up of serving members like yourself, each elected to serve a four-year term: 23 of the 32 places will be for members of the UK branch, eight places will be for members of the Netherlands branch, and one from the Swiss branch.

Elections are held on a rolling basis, which normally means that just about half the Council places come up for election each year. Full members (including cadets) were invited to stand for election to the Nautilus International Council.

Candidate statements

Full members received their postal ballot papers for relevant categories and information on all candidates (irrespective of whether or not a ballot is required) by the deadline of 20 January 2017. The ballot closed at 17.00 on Wednesday 19 April 2017, and the results (pdf 133 kb) were declared on 21 April 2017.

Below are pdf links to the statements of the candidates that full members were asked to vote for in the UK and NL branches. 

The table shows the number of seats and also those vacancies which were for election in 2017. The table also shows the split between NL, CH and UK.

Election 2017 table

Full paid-up members (including cadets) in categories for which there are vacancies (see table) were entitled to stand for election.