Mutual respect

Nautilus International is opposed to any discrimination based on age, colour, disability, marital status, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, religion, race or creed, and has adopted a statement on mutual respect and equal opportunities to give effect to this commitment.

Nautilus also follows the industry-wide ETF/ECSA guidelines on Eliminating Workplace Harassment and Bullying (pdf), and has produced the Protect and Respect guide, which helps members identify and tackle bullying and harassment in the maritime workplace.

Nautilus policy on mutual respect

The Union is committed to creating and maintaining a working environment based on dignity and mutual respect. Nautilus neither condones nor tolerates behaviour that undermines the dignity or self esteem of any individual or creates an intimidating, hostile, abusive or offensive environment. This commitment applies to all delegates and participants, women and men, in Nautilus meetings, activities and social gatherings and Welfare Fund activities wherever they may take place.

As an employer, Nautilus has a legal as well as moral responsibility to protect its employees from any form of harassment, abuse or similarly unacceptable behaviour. This applies to the working environment in London, Rotterdam, Basel and Wallasey and to Nautilus meetings wherever they are held. It also applies to social occasions where the attendance of Nautilus staff is linked to their employment and where Nautilus is liable as an employer.

What we ask of Nautilus members

  • to treat everybody, including other members, as well as Nautilus officials and staff members, with respect and dignity
  • to make absolutely sure your own behaviour does not cause offence or misunderstandings
  • to think before you make personal remarks
  • to accept responsibility for challenging all forms of unacceptable and offensive behaviour, and for upholding personal dignity

What is unacceptable behaviour?

Unacceptable behaviour includes unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct including the use of email and any behaviour that ridicules, intimidates or is physically abusive.

This may have as its focus such things as:

  • race, ethnic origin, nationality and skin colour
  • gender or sexual orientation
  • disabilities or sensory impairments
  • age, health or physical characteristics
  • religious or political beliefs

This may involve such forms of unwanted behaviour as:

  • unwanted physical contact
  • physical or sexual assault
  • sexual or compromising propositions
  • racist, sexist or religious jokes
  • offensive language, insults and obscene gestures
  • unwelcome gifts
  • intrusion by pestering or stalking

These lists are not definitive.

We are aware that among trade unionists there is a very high degree of appreciation of the need to respect the dignity of every individual. We welcome your cooperation in our practical efforts for making Nautilus as a workplace and all Nautilus meetings a positive experience for everyone.