Our service commitment

Our Statement of Service describes what you can expect as a member of Nautilus and the procedures to follow if you have a complaint.

The Nautilus mission is to be an independent financially viable international trade union and professional organisation, committed to equal opportunities, providing a high quality, cost‑effective service to members and welfare to needy seafarers and their dependants. 

Nautilus aims to offer you the best possible service.  However, there may be occasions when you feel you have cause for complaint.  We will always try to resolve any problem quickly and to your satisfaction. 

If you wish to raise a complaint regarding the service you have received from Nautilus you should follow the following procedure. We will acknowledge all correspondence from members in a timely fashion. 

Stage 1 – Where to make your complaint 

If you believe you have a complaint you should first raise the matter, either by letter, email or fax with the person who has been dealing with your enquiry.  You should identify precisely what your complaint is and give the person the opportunity to respond.  We would expect the vast majority of issues could be resolved very quickly at this early stage and you will receive a formal response to your complaint normally within seven calendar days, from your complaint being received.   

Stage 2 

In the event that you remain dissatisfied with the response you have received during Stage 1 you should raise the matter with the appropriate Assistant General Secretary.

You should forward all the details of your particular case to the AGS and explain why you believe your complaint to date has not been satisfactorily resolved.  You will receive a formal response normally within seven calendar days from your communication being received at the Union’s Head Office (or Branch Office).   

Stage 3

In the unlikely event that you remain unhappy and you believe your complaint has not been dealt with satisfactorily you should forward it to the General Secretary and ask that he review the matter.  The General Secretary will conduct and investigation into your complaint and review all matters concerning your particular case.  You will receive a response from the General Secretary normally within 14 calendar days of your complaint being received at the Union’s Head Office.

 January 2015